Border Test

My first horse was a 26 year-­old retired gelding who was in chronic pain and cribbed every moment of every day.  No one knew what to do with him.  When I looked at him I saw a horse coping as best he could with the environment he was in.  His needs were changing as he was aging, and he was no longer a fit with the environment.  My thought was if I changed the environment and how he was managed, then his behavior and condition would change.

Eager to try my experiment, I took him into my care, which began a straight up learning curve about everything horses.  Why not cure cribbing?  Why not be rid of chronic pain?  Why can’t a senior horse be active and full of life right up until the day they die?

God’s Window Senior Horse Rehab is the compilation of everything I have learned to date from this horse, and others on how to bring about a fully alive senior horse. The results are amazing:

  • Silky soft hair coat
  • Bright and curious eyes
  • Excellent body condition
  • Increased fitness
  • Eagerness to interact with humans and other horses
My first horse the day I picked him up. 26 years old.
My first horse the day I picked him up. 26 years old.
Same horse six years later at age 32.
Same horse six years later at age 32.

I hope the information here will give you ideas on how to improve the health and well-being of your own senior horses (or any horses for that matter).  Keep learning and listening to your horses.  They will not lead you astray.

Mary Walby, Owner, God's Window Senior Horse Rehab