All classes are interactive and on Zoom.  We have attendees from all over the world.  We are in the Pacific Standard Time Zone.  If you are in a time zone that is not conducive to the time of the next class, please email us at:, tell us your time zone, and we will attempt to hold a class during your waking hours.  Thank you!

I.  Horse Hospice Introductory Class – 1 1/2 hours

Hospice sees death as a normal and natural process.  It allows death to unfold on its own timeline.  It neither speeds it up, nor slows it down.  Its focus is on comfort care, rather than treatment and curing.  If you are looking for alternatives to euthanasia, this class is for you.  Topics covered in the class are:

1. the stages of dying

2. comfort care for the horse

3. self-care for the caregiver


II. Pain Management in Senior Horses – 1 1/2 hours, pre-requisite:  Horse Hospice Introductory Class

Even if you don’t have a senior horse, much of this applies to any horse so that they can thrive in their senior years.  Topics in the class are from a holistic perspective:

1. prevention and management of chronic pain (like arthritis)

2. management of acute pain (as in the case of colic)

3. evaluating your relationship with pain

4. managing a painful medical condition while in hospice