Curing the Cribbing Horse – Clue #3

Pleasantly surprised at Chaco’s reduction in cribbing after starting his exercise program, I made it part of my own routine.  One sunny afternoon after I had just finished working with him, he was completely relaxed hanging out with me at the fence line of the round corral.  A young girl saw us and asked me if she could give Chaco a treat.  Sure, why not.  The girl held her hand out to Chaco with a piece of carrot and broccoli in it.  No sooner had the carrot touched his lips (he hadn’t even swallowed yet) that it was rolling back out of his mouth as he purchased his teeth on the fence rail and began to crib.

I was stunned.  We had just had a nice time exercising.  He was relaxed.  He had no need to crib.  Then the touch of a carrot triggered that need.

Clue #3:  Carrots (and I later found out apples) cause Chaco to crib.

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