We are a non-profit organization and in the process of obtaining our 501(c)3 status.  We gladly accept donations to help support the retired senior horses in our care.

As former therapy horses, they have spent their lives in service to humans. Now in retirement we have the opportunity to return the favor, restoring these horses to full health so they might thrive in their golden years.

It costs $3500 -­ $5000 per year to care for each retired horse. This includes diet and nutrition, hoof care, dental care, veterinary care, chiropractic and other healing modalities as needed.

Did you know, a donation of…

  • $15 will buy one bag of hay pellets
  • $25 will buy one bale of quality hay
  • $80 will buy one chiropractic visit
  • $200 will feed one horse for one month
  • $250 will provide one veterinary visit
  • $400 will provide a yearly dental visit
  • $1200 will buy a supply of quality hay for one horse for the winter

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