Who Are You?

I never tire of seeing worn out and oftentimes, shut-down, senior horses come back into full health on all levels:  physical, mental and emotional.  What I have found is that when their needs are met in these three areas, I begin to see for the first time what a truly alive horse looks like.


What’s even more fascinating to me is what happens next.  Their individual personalities come out into full expression.  Being on the receiving end of a horse that wants to communicate with you of their own volition, is an incredible experience.  It is then that I see who they are, and who God created them to be.  Every time I experience that, it is so awe-inspiring, it is beyond words.

I think it’s the same in humans.  We want to be seen and to be heard.  When that happens the possibilities are endless, and the full expression of what it means to be alive comes forth.

Now, I’m curious.  What would happen if we approached the world like that?

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