Holistic Horse Management

Here at God’s Window, our goal is facilitating optimal health in the senior horses we care for. Much of what we do is based on the nature of horses, rather than conventional management practices.

Wild horses live in a herd in a large amount of space. They are barefoot. They don’t have blankets, yet they know where they can seek shelter from the elements. They spend their day foraging for food.

While the reality is that the senior horses in our care are in domestication, the more we can create as natural of an environment for them as possible, the healthier they will be, and the less we will need to manage them.

We have had great success restoring the health of aging senior horses by creating the following environment for them:

They live in a herd on acreage. They are barefoot. They don’t need blankets, but they do have shelter that they can choose to use when they want. They have access to food at all times. They have a plant based diet, and do not need grain.

I encourage you to find ways to optimize you own horse’s environment. It will support their long-term health and well-being, and you will have more years to enjoy them.

If you haven’t seen wild horses in action, check out Ginger Kathrens multiple documentaries on the lives of wild horses. It is an eye-opening experience.