All online classes can be viewed at any time.  Once your registration and payment have been received, the links to view the classes will be emailed to you within 48 hours.  The links are valid for 2 weeks.  Thank you!  Enjoy the classes!

I.  Horse Hospice Introductory Class – 50-minute class, cost:  $47 USD                                                                   

Hospice sees death as a normal and natural process.  It allows death to unfold on its own timeline.  It neither speeds it up, nor slows it down.  Its focus is on comfort care, rather than treatment and curing.  If you are looking for alternatives to euthanasia from a holistic perspective, this class is for you.  Topics covered in the class are:

1. the stages of dying

2. comfort care for the horse

3. self-care for the caregiver

II. Pain Management in Senior Horses – 70-minute class, cost:  $47 USD                                                                    

Even if you don’t have a senior horse, much of this applies to any horse so that they can thrive in their senior years.  Topics in the class are from a holistic perspective:

1. prevention and management of chronic pain (like arthritis)

2. management of acute pain (as in the case of colic)

3. evaluating your relationship with pain

4.  pain and euthanasia

III. Connection with Horses – 52-minute class, cost:  $47 USD     

Oftentimes our introduction to horses is through petting them, tacking them up and riding them, all of which can easily become a one-way street.  This class will give you tools to open up a two-way dialogue with your horse.  These tools are a wonderful way to deepen your bond with your horse.  Step into the world of connection from the horse’s point of view.  Topics discussed in the class are:

1. hands on touch (an introduction and resources for body work you can do yourself), “touch” at a distance (whether five feet away or several acres away) 

2. reading the body language of your horse to direct you in your interaction with them

3. reading your own body language to guide you in connecting with your horse

IV. Post-death of a Horse – 64-minute class, cost:  $47 USD   


Once our horse had died, now what do we do?  There’s the practical matter of what to do with the body, as well as the emotional side of losing a horse we love and the accompanying grief.  In addition, what about the surviving herd members?  They grieve too.  What we do in the days immediately following the death will impact our grief process, either making it a little easier or harder.  Topics discussed in the class are:

1.  practical care of the body post-death

2.  practical self-care for us

3.  how to care for the surviving herd members