Hospice Support

Hospice care for horses at the end of their lives can be challenging and rewarding.  If this is something you would like to do, we highly recommend our classes as a starting point, particularly the Horse Hospice Introductory Class.  It will answer many of your questions.  Our Death and Dying page also has a lot of free information.  This article on the stages of dying can be very helpful.

Hospice care can have good days and bad days.  It can be really helpful on the bad days to have someone to talk to who has experience with hospice and will NOT pressure you to euthanize.  Few veterinarians have training in hospice and therefore, don’t know what is normal and not painful when dying.  As a result, they routinely euthanize animals even when the animal is dying well and not in pain, simply due to lack of education.

If you need support while caring for your horse in hospice, we offer zoom support calls.

1.  30-minute zoom support call:  $50 USD

2.  If you have taken our Horse Hospice Introductory Class:  30-minute zoom support call:  $25 USD

To schedule a zoom support call, please click the link below, and we will email you to set up a time.  Thank you!