Mary’s Pasture – Artwork

Mary’s Pasture, original pastel by Kim McElroy

Mary’s Pasture

“In selfless service three horses give
Each day the price they pay to live
Until one day a woman came
And offered to take away their pain
In pastures green they recover awhile
While their hearts remember to smile
Until they are called to heaven on high
Where their soul remembers how to fly” –Kim McElroy

I have a lovely celebration to share. I commissioned equine artist, Kim McElroy to paint a portrait of the 3 senior horses I have rehabbed, Maya being the third. She just finished it, and it is beyond my wildest expectations. I love how she captured the relationship between Chaco and Maya, and then Thunder, the palomino “in the clouds” watching over, as he died 3 years ago. Working with her to create the portrait was a wonderful experience. Here it is, some words from Kim, and a few photos of her studio where she created it. Thank you, Kim. It is stunning!

Artist, Kim McElroy in her studio.

From the artist:

“Mary contacted me to have me create a portrait of an angel horse named Thunder whom she had rescued a few years before. He had spent 27 years as a 4-H lesson horse and a therapy horse, but had become unhappy in his work. As he recovered in Mary’s pasture with another horse named Chaco, he taught her many valuable lessons, including the joy of just being in nature. The co-facilitators of this lesson were two special moths which you will find hidden in the painting.

As Mary waited for her turn on my portrait waiting list, my husband became ill with cancer so her portrait was delayed. In the intervening years, she rescued another mare named Maya. Maya and Chaco instantly bonded, and for the short time that Maya lived she and Chaco created an earthly paradise together.

When Mary told me this story, I knew that all three horses had to be in the portrait, and when she showed me the photo of Maya and Chaco with the shadow on Chaco’s shoulder, I knew why. To me, the shadow is like the spirit of Thunder, present with his herd mates. Now Maya has joined him in spirit. Mary’s loving dedication has made this possible. Please support Mary’s non-profit”

If you would like your own copy of the artwork, click here.

If you would like to commission artist, Kim McElroy to paint a portrait, click here.

All the pastel colors the Kim used to paint the portrait. Beautiful!

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