Senior Horse Care Consult

Do you have a senior horse whose needs are changing and you need help sorting through how best to help them?  Is your horse experiencing any of these issues?

–Difficulty maintaining weight

–Arthritis, aches and pains

–Loss of teeth, quidding hay


–Shaggy hair coat that doesn’t shed

Would you like to speak to someone with over a decade of experience rehabbing senior horses from a holistic perspective?  Many times caring for a senior can have its twists and turns, and there is not always a straight answer.  We are not veterinarians, but can offer you our experience.

If you’d like step outside of the traditional western veterinary model and explore ideas from a holistic perspective of what might help your senior horse thrive in their golden years, we offer a 30-minute zoom consult for $50.  This is your opportunity to pick our brain.  If you have taken our Pain Management in Senior Horses class, the cost is $40.

Once you register we will email you to set up a time.  Thank you!

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