Welcome Maya – our next rehab case

It’s been just over two months since Maya, a 21-year-old therapy horse, retired to us.

Maya came to me suffering from urinary incontinence, so health-wise, this summer has been touch-and-go: one week she had an allergic reaction, another week, a bloody discharge, followed by an infection.

While western veterinary medicine has no cure for Maya’s condition, I work with a holistic vet who has seen results from alternative therapies, including chiropractic care, which has helped clear the urine collected in Maya’s uterus.

The vet also ran blood work and discovered that Maya has significant kidney damage. Despite this, I believe we have turned a corner and I am committed to doing what I can for Maya and others like her.

Maya has a fire in her, and she has made it clear to me–on more than one occasion–that she only needs a little help and will do the rest herself.
 She loves people, and after many years of working as a therapy horse helping at-risk kids make healthy choices in their lives, it is our turn to help Maya in her time of need.

For me, this has been an intense summer: between working full-time and caring for Maya.  I’ve had little time for much else besides eating and sleeping, but now I can provide this update and ask for support.  I am in the process of forming a non-profit to help more senior horses like Maya.

Would you consider making a donation to help support Maya? A donation in any amount would be greatly appreciated. No donation is too small.
  I’ve set up a Go Fund Me page to accept donations.

Our immediate needs are:

1. $550 for the latest veterinary bill
2. $125 will buy a one month supply of hay
3. $30 will buy a one month supply of a probiotic (after being on antibiotics)
4. $15 will buy one bag of hay pellets (to help her gain weight)
5. $80 will cover the cost of one chiropractic appointment
6. $60 will cover the cost of the business license to finish the set-up of the non-profit to help more senior horses like Maya.

Donate here.

Help spread the word!  Please share with your friends.  On behalf of Maya, thank you for your support!

Follow Maya’s rehab on facebook at:   https://www.facebook.com/Mayas-Recovery-1084344138370764/

With hope and gratitude,

Mary Walby and Maya


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