Curing the Cribbing Horse – Clue #2

The year and a half before Chaco retired from therapy work with at-risk youth, he cribbed constantly.  There was never a moment when I saw him and he wasn’t cribbing.  He seemed to be in his own world.  There was talk of retiring him.  Eager to help him, I suggested an exercise program for him might help.  I offered to do it, so several times a week I came early to pull him out of his paddock, let him roll in the corral and then do some ground work, followed by riding.

About two weeks into this new routine, I arrived one day and saw him in his paddock not cribbing.  I was shocked.  I didn’t recall ever seeing him not cribbing.  The only thing that had changed in his routine was the addition of an exercise program.

Clue #2:  Exercise reduced the amount of cribbing Chaco did.

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