Maya died. Now what?

Maya enjoying retirement


Thank you everyone for your condolences and for all the ways you have supported me and Maya over the past few months. When I got the call about her possibly being retired to me last spring, I told God, “Now is not a good time.” God said, “Here’s a place, here’s some money, here’s what you’re going to be dealing with, so you can go pick her up.” When God calls, I answer. Every horse that has ever come to me for retirement has been an act of God. They come with such clarity that I had never experienced anywhere else in my life, that I knew I was being called. A friend recently told me, “You aren’t just called. You are chosen.” When I look back on my life to this point and see all the ways God prepared me for what was to happen on Friday when Maya died, it blows my mind.

I learned from the last senior horse that died in my care that the learning doesn’t stop, nor does the relationship once they die. It is just no longer in physical form.

So I will be continuing to post about Maya and everything I learned from her, and what I am continuing to learn. My life’s work is to help more horse’s like her, and give them a little piece of heaven on earth before they go. I was in the process of forming a non-profit specifically for this purpose, but put it on hold because Maya’s needs were so great. I will let you know when its formation is complete.

For now, grief is front and center, as I’m sure it may be for others who knew her. I don’t enjoy the grief process, but I don’t shy away from it. It is a part of being alive. Here’s to Maya, and all she still has to teach.

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