The Eyes Tell the Story

We were out enjoying the day. Standing in the sun brought enough warmth to not notice the winter chill. Chaco settled into a nap, and I found just the spot to lay my hands on his warm winter coat and relax too. Without a care in the world, time seemed to stand still. I couldn’t get enough of the moment, so why cut it short? We savored it for quite a while.

After some time had passed, the faint sound of an approaching car interrupted our oasis. Seeing that we were slightly in the road, I asked Chaco to back up into the adjacent driveway. No sooner had I done that, that I realized it was the mail lady coming, and we were right next to the mailbox. As she pulled up to deliver the mail, the bumper of her car came within a few feet of us. Chaco just stood there non-chalantly, happy not to be exerting any unnecessary energy.

It was a new mail lady that day, and she asked me the name of my horse. I told her, and she said it had been a really long time since she had been around horses.

“His eyes, oh those eyes are so big and inviting,” she said. She couldn’t get over him and the softness in his eyes. I concurred with her. “Yes, they are. That’s why I could stand here all day.”

In that brief moment, Chaco’s presence brought her back to some long lost memories as I saw the verge of tears and emotion begin to well up inside her.

The task at hand, delivering mail, kept her from staying any longer. As she drove away, I marveled at how a stranger saw in Chaco what I saw. The eyes tell the story. Soft, gentle and relaxed.  That is a content horse.

What story is your horse’s eyes telling?


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