Why Chiropractic for Horses?

Here at God’s Window, everything is about creating optimal health in horses on all levels:  mentally, emotionally and physically.  Chiropractic can affect all three of these areas.  When you feel well physically, your mental and emotional states improve.  The same is true of horses, and that is why chiropractic is a regular part of our horses’ maintenance care.

When you were first conceived and your cells divided, one of the earliest systems to start developing was the nervous system.  Nerves go to every part of the body, and chiropractic addresses the proper function of the nervous system by ensuring that the spine is aligned.  When the spine is aligned, then the nervous system can operate at full capacity, and the body’s natural healing capability will be at its best.

Some horses receive chiropractic care because of an acute situation or trauma.  Chiropractic can be very helpful in those situations.  However, chiropractic is even more powerful when maintained on a regular basis because often times those acute situations don’t even arise because the body is already functioning optimally.

This is what makes God’s Window different.  We want horses to function optimally on all levels, and be fully alive the way God created them to be.  Therefore, regular chiropractic maintenance is part of their care.  If an acute situation comes up we address it, and the chiropractor will make an extra visit.  However, we don’t save chiropractic for only an emergency or acute problem.  We use it as a preventative measure.

When you keep the spine and nervous system tuned up, you optimize the natural healing capability of the body.  This promotes optimal health and wellness, and there’s nothing more beautiful to see than a fully alive horse who wants to engage with you.  Now that is heaven on earth.

To see a horse received a chiropractic adjustment, click here.

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